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Question: What are the best practices for workspace mapping?


Consider the following best practices for creating workspace mappings:
  • Create mappings at the team project root level. For new team projects, map your team project root ($/MyTeamProject) to a folder with the same name on your local drive for example C:\TeamProjects. Because mappings are recursive, your entire local folder structure is created automatically and will be exactly the same as the structure in source control.
  • On shared computers, use a unique local folder path. Two users of a single computer cannot share the same workspace mapping. For example, you and a colleague cannot map the same team project ($/MyTeamProject) to the same folder on the local computer. Instead, create mappings beneath My Documents (although this leads to long location paths) or establish a team folder naming convention on the local computer (e.g. C:\TeamProjects\User1, C:\TeampProjects\User2 etc).

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