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Use Labels to Mark Builds You Might Need to Return To

- J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Alex Mackman, Prashant Bansode

Use labels to mark daily builds so that you can easily view and retrieve the set of files used for a particular build. Team Build automatically assigns a label to the set of files associated with each build that it creates. Team Build labels follow the format “ReleaseTypeBuild#”; for example, “Releasex8620070226.1”.

Although every team build is labeled, you might want to create your own labels for builds that you are likely to want to return to, such as:
  • An internal milestone; e.g., alpha release
  • A build created after branch or external dependency integration

You should use a label-naming convention that makes it easy to locate the build later and know what it represents. Use labels that are clear about what they represent. For example, use a convention such as “AlphaBuild20070112” composed of “LabelNameDate”.

When you release a build to a customer for whom you will need to provide maintenance, use a branch instead of a label to isolate future maintenance work on the release. You can subsequently merge the branch, with any fixes it might contain, back into to your main source tree.

To locate an existing label, on the File menu, point to Source Control, Label and then click Find Label. Once you have found the label, you can modify it or delete it from within the Find Label dialog box.

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