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How to Change the Build Configuration (Release/Debug)

- J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Alex Mackman, Prashant Bansode

In order to change build configuration in an existing build, you need to modify the <ConfigurationToBuild> tag in TFSBuild.proj.

To change the build configuration
  1. Open Source Control Explorer.
  2. In Source Control Explorer, expand your team project folder.
  3. Expand the TeamBuildTypes folder.
  4. Select the team build folder for which you want to turn on code analysis.
  5. Check out the TFSBuild.proj file from source control. You might need to perform a Get Latest Version operation on the folder first.
  6. In Source Control Explorer, double-click TFSBuild.Proj to open it.
  7. Modify the <ConfigurationToBuild> tag to the new build configuration.
  8. Save TFSBuild.proj and check it back into source control.

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