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Question How should I organize my project folders within TFS?

J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Alex Mackman, Prashant Bansode


The following practices have proved effective:
  • Do not put all your solutions directly beneath your team project folder (YourTeamProject in the following example). Rather, put your solution and project files beneath a Main (or Trunk) folder (this contains the main source tree).
  • Keep the nesting level at this point minimal due to server-side path length restrictions. Example:
  • YourTeamProject Version 1
    • Branches
    • Releases
    • Trunk
      • Build
      • Source
  • When you branch, you branch within the same team project. By having a Branches folder you can branch your projects directly into that folder rather than having to have Project A-Branch1 etc. Give major versions their own team project (Project X version 1, Project X version 2 ...)
  • Use a Spikes folder for separate spike code -- not for shipping, but are kept with the project.
  • QFEs use "Branches". Branches are effectively self-contained snapshots of code.
  • Bug fixes go in the main "Source" under the "Trunk" folder

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