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Avoid Baseless Merges Where Possible

- J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Alex Mackman, Prashant Bansode

Avoid baseless merges where possible. When performing a baseless merge, TFS has no information describing the relationship of files and folders in the branches being merged. This generally results in more merge conflicts, and can lead to more conflicts in future merges.

Structure your branch trees so that you only need to merge along the hierarchy (up and down the branch tree) rather than across the hierarchy. Branching across the hierarchy forces you to use a baseless merge.

Keep the following in mind when performing merges:
  • Merging along the hierarchy, from parent to child or from child to parent, results in fewer conflicts than merging across the hierarchy.
  • The branch hierarchy is based on the branch parent and branch child, which may be different than the physical structure of the source code on disk. For example:
  • Physical Structure:
    • Development – Development branch
    • Main – Integration branch
    • Releases – Container for release branches
      • Release 1 – Release Branch
  • Logical Structure:
    • Main
      • Development
      • Release 1

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