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Scenarios Frame – Project Management

- J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Alex Mackman, Prashant Bansode


  • Areas and Iterations
  • Check-in Policies
  • Process Templates
  • Security Groups and Permissions
  • Team Projects
  • Work Items


Scenario Personas Priority
Areas and Iterations
Use iterations to manage work over time PM
Use areas to organize work PM
Check-in Policies
Set up check-in policies to enforce coding standards Dev Lead
Set up check-in policies to enforce code quality Dev Lead
Set up check-in policies to ensure each check-in is associated with a work item Dev Lead
Receive notification when a developer bypasses a check-in policy Dev Lead
Process Templates
Use MSF Agile to create a new project PM
Use MSF CMMI to create a new project PM
Customize an existing process template to meet your team’s needs PM
Create a new process template that only uses TFS source control, not reporting or work items PM
Project Management
Use Microsoft Project to manage the project PM
Use Microsoft Excel to manage the project PM
Set up a reporting dashboard PM
Remove a project from TFS PM
Receive notification when a check-in occurs Dev
Security Groups and Permissions
Create security groups that map to roles on the team PM
Assign team members to the appropriate security groups PM
Team Projects
Choose one team project vs. multiple team projects Dev Lead
Structure your source control tree to support branching and merging Dev Lead
Work Items
Capture product vision PM
Capture requirements PM
Capture user scenarios PM
Capture features PM
Capture tasks PM, Dev Lead
Organize tasks into iterations PM, Dev Lead
Track work completion during an iteration PM
Link requirements, tasks and scenarios for traceability of work PM
Bulk edit a large number of work items PM

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