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Question: If I use the code promotion model, how often should I merge?

- J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Alex Mackman, Prashant Bansode


Merge frequency depends on your branch structure. For example, a common branch structure is as follows:
  • Development – Container for isolation development branches
    • Feature A
      • Source
    • Feature B
      • Source
  • Main – Main integration build branch
    • Source
    • Other asset folders
  • Releases– Container for Release branches
    • Release 1
      • Source
    • Release 2 – Release currently locked down
      • Source

In this case, active development is occurring in the Feature branches and you have two merge frequency decisions to make:
  1. How often should feature teams merge changes from the Main branch into their Feature branch?
  2. How often should feature teams merge their changes into the Main branch?

The following merge frequency is a proven strategy to reduce breaking changes and reduce migration times:
  1. Feature teams should merge their changes into the Main branch as soon as the feature is complete.
  2. Feature teams should merge changes from the Main on a regular basis to ensure integration compatibility of their features when they are complete. Ideally, you should merge once per day, and not go more than two days between merges.

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