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How to Use Microsoft Project to Manage Your Project

- J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Alex Mackman, Prashant Bansode

Use Microsoft Office Project to create and schedule tasks, lay out task dependencies, load-balance resources, and estimate end dates. You can use these features to track your projects.

To track a project, you need to perform the following high-level steps:
  • Create a project plan.
  • Create a set of tasks, schedule them, and publish them to Team Foundation Server.
    • The tasks show up in the appropriate developer’s work item queue.
    • The team members work on their tasks and report their progress in Team Explorer by setting the work item status.
  • Refresh the project plan to retrieve the latest information. This enables you to track the progress of the project in Microsoft Project.

To publish a project plan to TFS
  1. If you are creating a new project plan, set up your tasks, durations, resource assignments, dependencies, and other details as you would normally do with Microsoft Office Project.
  2. In Microsoft Office Project, on the Team menu, click Choose Team Project.
  3. Select the Team Foundation Server for your team project.
  4. Select your team project.
  5. Click OK.
  6. In the Work Item Type column, set the work item type for each work item that you want published to TFS.
  7. In the Sync column, for summary tasks that you do not want to publish to TFS, select Do Not Publish.
  8. If you have any tasks that are assigned to more than one resource, divide them into separate tasks that can be assigned to one resource. (Team Foundation Server does not currently support assigning a work item to multiple resources.) Optionally, you can group the separate tasks into a summary task to receive the automatic calculation benefits.
    1. To group sets of tasks, create a set of areas in TFS, and then group tasks by setting the Area column. TFS, see “How to: Modify the Team Project Areas” at
  9. On the Work Item toolbar, select Publish to publish the project plan to TFS.

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