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How to Set Up Workspace Mapping to Get and Build a Subset of the Tree

- J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Alex Mackman, Prashant Bansode

The workspace mapping file defines the source control folders that are retrieved by the build server. It is not always necessary to check out all of the files in order to perform the build. You can change your workspace definition to reduce the number of folders included, or you can cloak unnecessary files so that they are not retrieved as part of the build.

For example, the default mapping for a new project is $/TeamProject. If all your source files are under $/TeamProject/foo/bar/foobar/sources, you should map only that directory

To cloak files and folders
  1. Check out WorkspaceMapping.xml from source control.
  2. Add the appropriate cloak entries to this file.
  3. Check in WorkspaceMapping.xml.

The WorkspaceMapping.xml file looks like the following:
  <InternalMapping ServerItem="$/MyTeamProject" LocalItem="c:\projects\teamproject” Type="Map" />
  <InternalMapping ServerItem="$/MyTeamProject/documentation" Type="Cloak" />

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