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How to prepare a file for editing

- J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Alex Mackman, Prashant Bansode

In order to prepare a file for editing you must first get the latest version from Team Foundation Server source control and then check it out for editing.

To prepare a file for editing
  1. In Source Control Explorer, select the file, right-click and then click Get Latest Version. This downloads a read-only copy of the latest version of the file into the workspace on your computer.
  2. Right-click the file and then click Check Out for Edit.
  3. Choose your required lock type. Select None to allow other users to check the file in and out during the time period when you are working on the file.
This type of shared checkout is generally recommended because most conflicts that might arise can be resolved automatically.

Note: The get latest version operation does not check out the file, and the check out for edit operation does not perform a get. You need to perform both steps individually. This behavior is different from Microsoft Visual SourceSafe behavior.

When selecting your lock type, consider the following:
  • A shared checkout (None) avoids introducing potential bottlenecks into your development process by preventing someone else from working in the same file.
  • You should only lock a file while editing it if you are concerned that there will be a conflict resulting in a complicated manual merge operation.
  • Select the Check Out lock type to prevent other users from checking out and checking in the file. This option prevents other people from editing the file, which could represent a potential bottleneck in your development process. This option ensures that you can apply your changes back to the source control database without the possibility of other changes having been made to the file by other users.
  • Select the Check In lock type to allow other users to check out the file while preventing them from checking it in. Again, this option ensures that you will be able to check in your edits without conflicts.

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