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How to Grant Permissions Within Your Source Tree

- J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Alex Mackman, Prashant Bansode

You can set permissions on a file or folder within your source tree by right-clicking the file or folder in Source Control Explorer, clicking Properties, clicking the Security tab, selecting the user or group for which you want to change permissions, and then editing the permissions. You can also set permissions by using the Permission switch with the tf.exe command-line utility for source control.

Although you can apply source control permissions to specific folders and files, by default, permissions within your source tree are inherited from the permissions applied to the project folder. If your developers are members of the Project\Contributors application group, they will be able to read, check out, check in, label, and lock source files. If you need to provide restricted access to a subset of folders or source files within your team project—for example to enable a developer only to work on certain source files within your team project—you can set permissions at the folder or file level.

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