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How to Create an Iteration

- J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Alex Mackman, Prashant Bansode

Iterations are used to group work items and therefore impact work item creation, work item queries, and reporting.

To create an iteration
  1. In Team Explorer, click your team project.
  2. On the Team menu, point to Team Project Settings and then click Areas and Iterations.
  3. In the Areas and Iterations dialog box, click the Iteration tab.
  4. Click the Add a child node toolbar button.
  5. Right-click the new node, click Rename, and then type iteration name.
  6. Click the Iteration node.
  7. Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 to create additional iterations identified for your project.
  8. Click Close.

Note: The Microsoft Solution Framework (MSF) for Agile Software Development (MS Agile) process template includes three predefined iterations. You can delete these iterations, rename them instead of creating new ones, or simply leave them unchanged.

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