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Question: How do I merge two branches?

- J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Alex Mackman, Prashant Bansode


To perform a merge, you can use the merge functionality in Source Control Explorer, or you can use the merge command-line tool. You can merge based on changeset, label, date, or version.

You might find that your branching structure becomes deeper than one level. If this happens, keep in mind that it is only possible to merge one level at a time. For example, consider the following source tree structure:
  • Development – Container for isolation development branches.
    • Feature A
      • Source
    • Feature B
      • Source
  • Main – Main integration build branch
    • Source
    • Other asset folders
  • Releases– Container for Release branches
    • Release 1
      • Source
    • Release 2 – Current release being locked down
      • Source

When the source code contained in the Release 2 branch changes, you might want to eventually merge that change into a Feature branch; for example, to incorporate a bug fix into the latest feature code. It is not easy to merge directly from Release 2 into Feature B; instead, you merge from Release 2 into its logical parent, Main, and then from Main into its logical child Feature B. If you need to merge between branches that do not have a direct parent-child relationship, you need to perform a baseless merge.

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